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My story with Carmine


Michael Chen



   Five years ago, i got an email from USA named Carmine. What i did not thought it will change my career. Change my life.  


  The email is very simple,just with some words as below: i have some cosmetics product in Quanzhou Fujian province in China. I need an air shipping freight forwarder to USA.from Carmine.


  Seven years ago i was new in logistics industry. I was very struggling in this industry.because a lot of knowledge i did not met before. I have no many clients, no business.i was thinking whether i fit this industry.change another industry maybe better for me. But who gave me confidence insist on this industry is Carmine.i am very appreciated with him till to now.


  He had an cosmetics manufacture in Quanzhou Fujian province China.He gave me two orders for shipping. One is lip loss 632kg by air from xiamen to New York. Another is eye shadow 1034kg by air shipping from Xiamen to one warehouse in Charlotte. Each of his order have requirement limited of delivery date. Because he had contract with his clients too. Once over his delivery date he will have penal sum.i was new in logistics industry.this is my first big order at that time.i pay great importance on it.take it very careful of each shipping progress. The shipping was finish on time. Carmine is very satisfied with our service. He gave me very high comments.he thought our company is the most professional air shipping forwarder from China to USA.


  But what a pity. Once he received his goods. He told me the goods have very big difference with the sample the manufacture sent to him. He got a lot of clients complaint.he is very disappointment with his manufacture. This two order also make him a big loss too.Obviously,this manufacture is not integrity. I called the his supplier right now. And know more detailed about it. The sales told me she have no idea. She know that do it like this will not good for long term cooperation.but her boss don’t listen to her.She also decide to quit from this company after that. And she did. I told this information to Carmine.And suggest him to change an new supplier. This company is not reliable.


 We know some cosmetics product manufacture.and i check some cosmetics exhibition in Hongkong and guangzhou. I instead of him attened these cosmetics exhibition collected many good cosmetics manufacture in China.To help him find new great cosmetics supplier.He is very thankful to me.


 Finally he Choose an new supplier located in Jinhua Yiwu Zhejiang province China.he is very trust of me at that moment. He asked me to help him to check this new suppliers business license and this company strength.


 I did a lot of work communication with this new supplier.Visited and audit all their company qualification. Their plant size. All of their content passed our evalution.

  After that i still suggest him to travel to visit this new supplier too. Because it is very important for his business. He can not suffer twice like last time.And he did too. After his visit. He confirmed the new supplier will be his new supplier for all of his the next orders.


  He asked me not only his air shipping forwarder from China to USA. Besides,he request me to be his agent in China instead of him. Because the language and time is difference. Some time the factory have different reasons to delay goods ready date. He need me to keep follow up each order of goods ready date. He need me to keep an eyes to ask the factory pay great importance on his product quality.After that all of his order i do a lot extra work for him.but i glad to do it.


  I learned how to work with export manufacture of supplier in China. Besides, this suppliers found our logistics service are very good. Some of his other clients order they use our logistics service makes me very happy and thanks to Carmine. Now im his suppliers air shipping forwarder from China to USA too.


  After that Carmines supplier is very stable till to now. Never changed again.till to now cooperation over 7 years. At this seven years. Carmine’s business have great success. The supllier is stable. All his shipping are handling by me. He usually give me his shipping plan advanced one month. I will check best solution and freight cost to make each shipment delivery on time. Never have any problems.


  He told me i was his only China shipping freight forwarder in China.He only trust of me. Even this years his company improve very fast. Very large order shipping from China. Cooperation with cosmetics famous brand like IPSY/BIRCHBOX/GLOSSBOX/ALLURE BEAUTY BOX/NEW BEAUTY TESTTUBE.Many forwarder from China and USA are contact with his company want to cooperation with him.but he reject all of them.he told me he only trust of me.


  He told me these past seven year cooperation with me.It mean a lot for him. Im a very good friend,a good patner who did a lot help him when he was his hardest time of his business. A good friend to help him save a lot of his energy focus on his sales need to worry about all the shipping plan.every shipment always on time.So his business have great success.every year have a big increase.


  Now his order sale to Europe like poland United Kingdom France and Germany. last year sale to Canada and Australia.By sea /by air /by railyway and by express.  Every shipment handling by me.


  Carmine is my first VIP clients gave me confidence in my career.Now i was his best business partner support all his business effective.learn each each other and growth each other. I hope all of my clients i met will like this.


  I want to be a reliable and stable china logistics supplier chain for our clients.after he make his order to his manufacture.we will take care of next everything till delivery the goods to his warehouse on time. Easy his work save his cost.leave professional work to professional person.And our clients can save more energy on his sales market and his brand improve.


  If you want to have an forwarder like Michael.And you are agree with my business modle.

Just contact with me.

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